Cheeky Poppins - Flora and Rebecca Combo

Cheeky Combo - The Flora and The Rebecca


Colours: The Flora: Natural beige and white; Rebecca is silver
Fabric: The Flora is made from leather and beads; The Rebecca is a rhinestone and metal rectangle sparkle bar
Description: The Flora is dainty floral occasion wear clip. Use to make a pair of shoes more feminine or add luxe to a headband or blazer pocket. On trend to double up on florals for a fresh minimalist look.

The Rebecca is an elegant 3D sparkler bar to brighten up shoes and blouses.

Accessory For Clothing Type: Shoes, Shirts, Blouses, Jumpers

Dimensions (cm): 7 x 7 x 2 (Flora), and 2.5x6.5x1.5 (Rebecca)

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