Cheeky Poppins - The Celia and Kat

Cheeky Combo - The Celia and Kat


Colours: Celia - Metallic gunmetal; Kat - Gold
Fabric: Celia - Gunmetal; Kat - Gold metal plated
Description: The Celia is a Gunmetal cone studded versitile clip for shoes, collar, braces and hair. Have a retro vibe when worn on as bow tie. Gives suspenders and shoes a bit of old-school glamour and covers all bases for a day to bar shoe fixer.

The Kat is a cat encrusted animal head clip. Green eyed and completely bling on plated gold.. A retro Versace-inspired statement adornment can be worn to accessorise shoes, shirts, bags, jackets and head pieces. With lace ups it draws on the sports luxe, or singly on plain bases gives opulence and grandeur.

Accessory For Clothing Type: Shoes, Shirts, Blouses, Jumpers

Dimensions (cm): 5 x 4 x 1

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